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The resort association of science and technology build "golden bridge"for the heat exchang

Recently, news came from Nanjing: the design and component project of Wuxi Heat exchangers Engineering Technology Center was identified as the provincial excellent "Golden Bridge Project", who is located in resort area, Binhu district, Wuxi city. This is another research and technology project founded for providing services for businesses by resort area Economic Development Bureau and the Association for science and technology.

Heat exchangers are a competitive industry of resort area, it has high technological content, and the international market closely integrates, and has strong development potential. Since it is started early and developed rapidly, it is in a leading position in the country now.In recent years, with the market is expanding to internationalization direction, the heat exchanger\ industry of resort area has made a great leap forward development. The number of heat exchanger enterprises is more than 20, including supporting enterprises, and the annual sales reached 2 billion yuan and annual increase in more than 40%.

In this case, in order to further improve the technological content of products, improve independent innovation capacity of enterprises and adapt quickly to the international market for requirements of products’ quality and technology. The relevant departments of resort area and Association for science and technology determined to create a domestic first-class heat exchanger engineering technology center, and able to lead in the international.To this end, they carried out a joint research "Golden Bridge Project" with Guanyun heat exchanger co., ltd.

Economic Development Bureau and Association for science and technology together with staffs, spare no pains, north to Tsinghua univerity, west to Nanjing southeast university, east to Shanghai jiaotong university, use their strengths to employ the national first-class experts to take part in studying and establishing the design and component project of the heat exchanger engineering technology center. The company invested 3 million yuan in setting up a test center. Recently, they also established a Tsinghua university-based thchnology center.The establishment and operation of this project has received obvious effect by trying their first ability. There are many other related companies have also asked to participate in investment and technology transformation project to sharing scientific and technological achievements.

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