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R&D plays the most important role in the whole development of our company, excellent research and design maintains our competitiveness and rapid growth, FANGSHENG has created and developed a strong and efficient R&D team for this purpose.
Our engineering team is permanently involved in a multitude of projects and having rich experience
- the development of cooling systems , new cooling packages and individual heat exchangers 
- the development of new geometries for fins ;as well as the development of new tools  for manufacturing these types of fins.
- the development of new products having high mechanical strength, for operating in high pressure and temperatures conditions 
- the development of brazing technologies
- the finding of new solutions and technologies, together with our main suppliers, in order to extend the life time, by improving the corrosion and mechanical resistance like salty environments and exhaust gases and high pressure and high temperature, to save material and power consumption, and to reduce emissions.
Our research work also focuses on the increasing of products efficiency and reliability, fulfilling the latest environmental regulations.
FANGSHENG provides a high-efficient procedure for the development and the validation of the new products. 
Calculations dimensions and simulations
FANGSHENG performs the sizing of the heat exchangers and cooling systems, both with its own software based on theoretical studies and the results of thousands of previously performed tests.
FANGSHENG performs static-structural and flow simulations, as well as vibration simulations, by means of finite elements.
Product designing
FANGSHENG has much trial and rich experience in the heat exchangers and cooling systems design. 
Starting from the specifications, overall sizes and/or functioning plans of the cooling system, FANGSHENG designers are able to find the best solutions to the most efficient usage of the available spaces. 
FANGSHENG designers have the capacity of permanently improving the products, so as to meet the application requirement entirely.
Prototype built and adjustment of craft
Adjust the prototype build and craft
  FangSheng engineers need adjust the product s’ structure in advance by software analysis and corresponding process adjustments.
Tool design and manufacturing
FANGSHENG engineers are highly experienced in designing the tools, dies as well as the other necessary equipment for the manufacturing process.

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