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Fangsheng Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd., located besides Taihu Lake in Mashang, Wuxi city, is a superior and modern factory with 40000 square meters (including 25000 building area)and 300 staffs. Among the entire employee, half are technical staff with more than 5 years manufacturing experience in heat exchanger industry. The company has the most advanced vacuum brazing furnace and fin molding machine and has an annual capacity of 150,000 sets of heat exchanger. To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, Fang Sheng actively involved in doing research and development, keeping quality is the lifeline in mind. Fang sheng not only cooperated with the Environmental Science and Engineering college of Dong Hua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a number of other scientific and technical departments to enhance R & D capabilities, but also established heat exchanger provincial engineering center. Moreover, the equipment including advanced heat exchanger test equipment such as wind-tunnel test bench and pulse test bench.

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